Get last task or event date against multiple contacts in Salesforce (on create/update)

    Quite often a question bothers  business  users as well as functional experts how to get latest event/task date for a particular contact in Salesforce and plan a communication based on contact activity report, like ones with last activity past one month etc. Last modified date or only Last activity date on Salesforce record is not a true indication of latest communication done with that contact/lead/account. Its actually the latest event or task associated with respective lead, contact or account. The document below explains setup and technical implementation of the same. This might sound easy, but it’s not easy as just go and put LastModifiedDate of that Contact on Report. It’s bit challenging.  Every time we got  Task Created Date  of a particular Task which is associated to that Contact or Account on insert/update. Getting right Last Task Created Date for Task which is associated with 2 or more Contacts becomes challenging, as by default it takes first contact associated to

Post Merger - CRM Operations Onboarding

As companies continue to grow in an inorganic way, other companies with similar domain or operations focus are regularly acquired by mid-size as well as large companies. As part of my role to manage Global CRM IT Applications, I was lucky to see series of such acquisitions done by my company and understand areas C-executives typically worry post acquisition i.e. how to get a common customer view or a combined forecasting numbers after acquisition. As data sits in the acquired company systems, getting this data in parent company system is quite challenging and needs a well-defined strategy on how this has to be accomplished.   Some of the challenges which are common and come to fore for handling effective and consolidated CRM Operations are; How to manage CRM Operations through a common system going ahead? How to stop double entry in systems? How to enable change management for on-boarded company employees for CRM tasks? How to manage data and plan deduplication of the acqui